Assurance Services
Assurance Services are at the heart of what PKF member firms do. As a global service provider, we ensure that all your assurance needs are met wherever you are located.



Our risk-based methodology supported by powerful data analysis and technology ensures that PKF member firms provide assurance over your results and assist you with meeting regulatory requirements in a fast, effective manner.

Public Sector
PKF sector experts bring valuable insight and knowledge to help you navigate the unique challenges present in the public sector entities and allow for the provision of efficient, streamlined services.

Internal Modern
Internal Auditing helps an organisation to bring a systematic and disciplined approach to improving the effectiveness of control and governance processes. Our internal audit professionals can provide internal audit resources on either a cosourced or out-sourced basis.

Information Technology
PKF provides tailored IT risk assurance solution to entities of all sizes, helping them identify risks and areas that need to be improved, streamlined and secured.

Other Assurance Services


PKF has the expertise necessary to deliver responsive services providing stakeholders with required levels of assurance over results.


PKF provides assistance with the preparation and presentation of your financial information in compliance with complex financial requirement both locally and worldwide.